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Vitamin Gene Arnold’s Biography

Vitamin Gene Arnold loves nature, the earth and all things that are naturally good for you. A health aficionado, he has been fascinated by the power of nutrition his entire life and believes that daily exercise, good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity. An expert in vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, Vitamin Gene’s life work has been dedicated to health and wellness.  

Born in Santa Barbara, California, Vitamin Gene now resides in Malibu with his family.  A true health guru, he practices Pilates, Yoga and Martial Arts regularly and studies with a Tai Chi Master.

He eats healthy, leads a well balanced lifestyle and basically practices what he preaches.   Through the years, he has had the opportunity to work and study with the world’s most renowned anti-aging gurus.

While attending the Northridge University in the early 1980s, he became interested in health foods and holistic living. On weekends, he would set up booths at health fairs and expos sharing his knowledge about vitamins and nutrition with consumers. People of all ages responded to his willingness to help them and were impressed with his knowledge and expertise to answer their questions.

Since 1994, he has earned a reputation in the Malibu, CA community for his extensive knowledge of vitamins and dietary supplements. He has read thousands of studies, papers and books on health and wellness and continues to perfect his knowledge. He continues to have a deep appreciation and desire to study the health benefits of vitamins and minerals. Nature is his learning ground.

His passion and interest in health and wellness inspired him to open several stores called The Vitamin Barn in the Southern California area in 1987. And in 1993, he opened The Vitamin Barn (and a juice bar inside the store) in Malibu, California. It was an instant success and soon became “the hot spot” among celebrities and Hollywood VIPs. The buzz in Hollywood is that Vitamin Gene’s Juice Bar is the only place to go and celebrities have made it their own special hang out. 

Gene Arnold is affectionately called “Vitamin Gene” – a nickname he earned from his regular customers and his celebrity clientele. He is known as someone that people can trust with their vitamin and nutritional questions. “Vitamin Gene” is the Vitamin Guru to the stars! His star-studded customers swear by his recommendations and products.


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